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Quality Service

When choosing Sherri Saad to sell your home or help you purchase a new home, you'll experience a whole new level of service. First, I am the Hometown Expert, I make my living in the same communities I live in and I am your neighbor, or just few blocks away.

Customer Satisfaction

The proof of quality service is in repeat customers and in customers who refer me to their friends. I average 70 percent of my business from repeats and referrals, while other agents average about 30 percent from those sources.


That experience means I am better qualified to set the right price for the homes I list, I am better equipped to market those homes, and I am likely to find a buyer in a shorter period of time. That experience also means I am better qualified to find the right home for any buyer. As a result, I out-produce competing agents three to one. Deciding to sell or buy a home is a big step. Make sure it's a step in the right direction by choosing the person best qualified to handle your real estate needs, so take that first step and give me a call and let me prove it to you.


On average, I spend about $20,000 each year on personal promotion and on individual and group advertising. Personal advertising plus local newspapers advertising and Internet exposure generates the highest number of prospects in the industry.



The RE/MAX Balloon Logo

The red, white and blue RE/MAX Balloon, with its "Above the Crowd!®" slogan, is one of the most recognizable business logos in the world. With more than 80 RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons around the globe, RE/MAX has the world's largest balloon fleet.

The Sign

That Brings You Home The famous red-over-white-over-blue RE/MAX yard sign and I can lead you to properties in areas in which you'll want to live and work. If you want to sell your property, my RE/MAX yard sign attracts buyers. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

The Hometown Expert

Being part of a locally owned and operated RE/MAX office, I am a professional who lives in the area I work in. Thus, committed to my local community with a deep personal interest in the customers I serve.


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